Paris Chicago
Indexes 21/10/2016
€/$1.0886 $
Oil WTI50.85 $/b

Wheat (€/t)
Dec 16163.00+0.50
Mar 17168.75+0.50
May 17172.00+0.00
Sep 17172.75+0.25
Dec 17175.00+0.00
Corn (€/t)
Nov 16159.25+0.50
Jan 17165.25+0.75
Mar 17167.00+0.75
Jun 17171.00+0.75
Aug 17174.75+0.75
Rapeseed (€/t)
Nov 16394.00+1.25
Feb 17398.00+2.50
May 17397.00+3.00
Aug 17379.25+1.00
Nov 17380.75+2.00


Wheat (€/t) : 1524 lots
120Call Dec 161750.40
1Call Mar 171677.30
2Call Mar 171725.19
1Call Mar 171851.90
50Call May 171805.13
1050Put Dec 161601.88
30Put Dec 1618017.20
170Put Dec 1618118.18
100Put Mar 171623.57
Corn (€/t) : 36 lots
1Call Mar 171687.00
2Call Jun 171717.38
20Call Aug 1717210.53
5Call Aug 171807.10
8Put Mar 171665.27
Rapeseed (€/t) : 638 lots
1Call Feb 17367.530.00
1Call Feb 1737028.00
20Call Feb 174009.20
200Call May 1740012.34
3Call Aug 1737019.41
70Call Aug 1738014.50
20Call Aug 1739010.81
20Put Feb 173803.00
50Put Feb 173853.97
50Put Feb 17392.56.95
2Put Feb 173958.27
200Put May 173601.39
1Put May 17397.514.50

Wheat EU (€/t)
Dec 16171.5000+1.0000
Mar 17174.5000+1.2500
May 17174.5000+1.0000
Sep 17173.0000+0.2500
Dec 17174.2500-0.7500
Wheat (¢/b)
Dec 16414.5000-2.7500
Mar 17435.0000-2.5000
May 17450.5000-2.0000
Jul 17462.5000-2.0000
Sep 17477.0000-2.5000
Corn (¢/b)
Dec 16352.5000+1.2500
Mar 17362.2500+1.2500
May 17369.0000+1.2500
Jul 17375.0000+1.2500
Sep 17381.5000+0.5000
Soybean (¢/b)
Nov 16983.0000+8.5000
Jan 17992.2500+8.5000
Mar 17998.7500+8.7500
May 171005.5000+8.2500
Jul 171010.7500+7.7500
Soy meal ($/st)
Dec 16306.5000+2.6000
Jan 17308.0000+2.4000
Mar 17309.4000+2.4000
May 17311.2000+2.4000
Jul 17312.9000+2.0000
Soy oil (¢/lb)
Dec 1635.1200+0.0700
Jan 1735.3800+0.0600
Mar 1735.6000+0.0800
May 1735.7800+0.0900
Jul 1735.9500+0.0700


Physical (€/t)
Durum 2015255.00+0.00
Wheat Delivered Rouen 2016163.00+0.00
Corn Fob Bordeaux 2015160.00+0.00
Corn Fob Rhin 2015158.00+4.00
Feed barley Delivered Rouen 2016133.00+0.00
Malting barley Fob Creil 2016189.00+0.00
Rapessed Fob Moselle - Flat393.00+0.00
Sunseed Delivered St Nazaire - Flat362.00+0.00
Feed peas Fob Creil 2016220.00+0.00
Analysis 21/10/2016

European market

Few evolutions of European markets yesterday, the decline noted in Chicago has been compensated by the drop of the euro vs dollar. ECB in a press conference after its meeting, suggested that further actions could be implemented, pushing the single currency further down.

On the international stage, Egypt unsurprisingly bought 120 000 t of Russian wheat at 179.70 $/t FOB plus 9.74 $/t of fret. Japan purchased a bit more than 132 000 t of milling wheat US, Canadian and Australian origins. USA sold another 192 000 t of soybean to unknown destination.

Brussels granted 209 000 t of export licenses in wheat, taking the total since the beginning of the campaign to 7.5 Mt vs 6.6 Mt last year to date. Corn imports reached 123 000 t this week, taking the total to 2.4 Mt vs 2.3 Mt one year ago.

Rapeseed was consolidating, Canada is still struggling to end harvests of canola in poor weather conditions. Last Monday, 21% of acreage was still waiting to be harvested. Highest levels recorded in Canada from February 2012 provoked a sell off move from producers.

In France, autumn sowing is in progress with good weather conditions for cereals seeding. Emergence of rapeseed crop remains heterogeneous.

American market

Markets declined in Chicago yesterday, the rise of the dollar has impacted the competitiveness of US origins on international market. The soy complex was hit by the drop of crude oil and by a quick progress of harvest, now close to the end.

The financial funds were net sellers of 10 000 lots of corn, 6 000 lots of soybean and 2 000 lots of wheat.

Farmers are already intending to seed more soybean and less corn next year due to the better income from the oilseed complex.

Black Sea market

In Russia, sowing campaign is showing a quicker progress than last year. Russian producers have seeded so far 15.8 M ha vs 15.1 M ha last year to date. Authorities are hoping another 1.5 M ha in the two next weeks. In 2014, spring wheat was representing the biggest part of surfaces, acreage of winter wheat is now dominant for the third year in a row. Producers are now pushing winter varieties offering a stronger potential and more resistant to the summer drought. This trend should be reinforced in the future as it enables a better distribution of work between autumn and spring.

Live news

Egypt buys 120 000 t of Russian wheat