Pre-opening 08/12/2016
Paris Chicago
Wheatunch+ 1 cent
Cornunch- 1 cent
Rapeseed-1 €
Soybean-5 cents
Indexes 07/12/2016
€/$1.073 $
Oil WTI49.77 $/b

Wheat (€/t)
Dec 16162.00+0.25
Mar 17163.50+1.00
May 17166.25+1.25
Sep 17168.00+0.00
Dec 17171.75+0.25
Corn (€/t)
Jan 17163.50+0.75
Mar 17164.00+1.25
Jun 17167.25+0.75
Aug 17170.50-0.25
Nov 17166.75-0.25
Rapeseed (€/t)
Feb 17412.00-2.75
May 17410.50-2.50
Aug 17389.00-2.75
Nov 17390.25-2.75
Feb 18391.00-3.25
Nitrogen solution (€/t)
Mar 17160.00+0.00
Jun 17146.00+0.00
Sep 17148.00+0.00
Nov 17150.00+0.00
Mar 18150.00+0.00


Wheat (€/t) : 4822 lots
2Call Mar 171625.05
9Call Mar 171634.60
200Call Mar 171850.61
2Call May 171657.50
2Call May 171666.83
7Call May 171676.60
900Call May 171705.18
10Call May 171754.00
20Call May 171831.80
100Call May 171901.29
242Call Sep 171708.64
220Call Mar 182004.56
400Call May 181907.51
260Put Mar 171603.15
200Put Mar 171644.90
1000Put May 171582.93
8Put May 171604.50
500Put May 171634.83
520Put Sep 171604.86
220Put Mar 1817511.41
Corn (€/t) : 802 lots
2Call Mar 171635.00
100Call Mar 171800.80
350Call Nov 171746.30
350Put Nov 171605.20
Rapeseed (€/t) : 378 lots
1Call Feb 1739022.90
1Call Feb 1740015.50
2Call May 1736053.00
57Call May 1737043.00 - 43.70
3Call May 17372.540.50
5Call May 1740019.96
10Call May 1741014.56
2Call May 17412.513.30 - 13.50
35Call May 1741512.50 - 12.70
15Call May 174259.50
1Call Aug 17367.529.00
100Call Aug 1739514.12
1Call Nov 1739516.10
10Call Nov 174208.58
60Call Nov 174257.48
1Call Nov 174454.47
1Call Feb 18437.56.81
1Put Aug 17392.515.09
1Put Nov 1738010.60
10Put Nov 1739015.00
60Put Nov 1739517.60
1Put Feb 18392.518.40

Wheat EU (€/t)
Dec 16174.2500-3.7500
Mar 17174.7500-1.7500
May 17173.7500-1.0000
Sep 17166.2500-0.7500
Dec 17170.5000-0.7500
Wheat (¢/b)
Dec 16386.2500+4.5000
Mar 17401.0000+7.7500
May 17412.5000+7.0000
Jul 17424.7500+6.0000
Sep 17438.7500+5.7500
Corn (¢/b)
Dec 16350.5000-4.0000
Mar 17358.0000-3.7500
May 17364.7500-3.5000
Jul 17371.7500-3.2500
Sep 17378.7500-2.7500
Soybean (¢/b)
Jan 171049.0000-23.5000
Mar 171059.5000-23.5000
May 171066.7500-23.2500
Jul 171072.0000-23.0000
Aug 171068.5000-22.5000
Soy meal ($/st)
Dec 16319.2000-7.5000
Jan 17320.5000-7.9000
Mar 17324.5000-7.7000
May 17326.6000-7.5000
Jul 17328.6000-7.3000
Soy oil (¢/lb)
Dec 1637.7200-0.6700
Jan 1737.9300-0.5500
Mar 1738.2100-0.5700
May 1738.3300-0.5500
Jul 1738.4100-0.5500


Physical (€/t)
Durum 2015250.00+0.00
Wheat Delivered Rouen 2016162.00+0.00
Corn Fob Bordeaux 2015163.00+0.00
Corn Fob Rhin 2015167.00+0.00
Feed barley Delivered Rouen 2016134.00+0.00
Malting barley Fob Creil 2016194.00+0.00
Rapessed Fob Moselle - Flat417.00-1.00
Sunseed Delivered St Nazaire - Flat395.00+5.00
Feed peas Fob Creil 2016220.00+0.00
Analysis 08/12/2016

European market

Quiet session on cereal markets yesterday, few new elements kept the picture of the market unchanged. Following crude oil, rapeseed lost some ground, traders are more and more expressing doubts about the ability of OPEC to respect targets of production cut decided last week. This morning, palm oil is retreating slightly as well in thin volumes due to the USDA report of tomorrow.

On currencies market, traders were cautious awaiting for ECB meeting this afternoon.

According Chinese authorities, 2016’s corn production would have reached 219.6 Mt vs 224.6 Mt last year. The output of wheat is estimated at 206.9 Mt vs 208.3 Mt one year ago.

Prices of wheat contracts on December diverged again yesterday between Euronext and CME, the first one recorded a rise of +2.5 €/t while the second was down by -3.25 €/t. The deliveries on CME’s contract amounted to 40 lots.

On the international stage, USDA reported new sales of US soybean in 136 000 t to unknown destination and 330 000 t to China.

Exports of French wheat to third countries were especially poor during October with 293 000 t vs 348 000 t in September. It takes the amount of export out of EU to 1.8 Mt from the start of the season down by -30% compared to last year to date. Imports surged of more than +100% compared to one year ago with 192 000 t in October and 435 000 t from the beginning of the campaign. In this context, the rising potential for the wheat looks reduced except climatic incidents.

American market

Further decline of wheat market yesterday in Chicago in a context of ample supplies, especially this week with the upward revision of production in Canada and Australia. In such context, USDA report tomorrow should integrate these revisions. In soybean, the US stock is expected a bit down and the one in corn a bit up.

Yesterday, funds were net sellers of 5 000 lots of corn and 3 000 lots of wheat. They were net buyers of 5 000 lots of soybean.

American farmers are currently selling corn on physical market, reducing basis for this product.

Weather conditions remain favorable in Brazil while a slight hydric deficit is recorded in Argentina. Good conditions in Brazil should enable first soybean harvest works to start as soon as next week and corn collect could begin by the end of January.

Black Sea market

Russian authorities released data for progress of harvests in gross weight. Early this week, they said that Russian producers collected 125 Mt of cereals vs 108 Mt last year to date.

The Ag Minister said yesterday that he will apply a downward correction of -6% to obtain actual net result. The final data for all cereals is then estimated to 117.5 – 118 Mt. Logically, the final wheat harvest number should raise to 76 Mt gross weight and 71.44 Mt net weight, a bit under market expectations. For barley the final production should be around 18 Mt.

Live news

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