Pre-opening 20/09/2021
Paris Chicago
Wheat- 1 €- 5 cents
Corn- 1 €- 7 cents
Rapeseed-2 to -3 €
Soybean- 11 cents
Indexes 20/09/2021
€/$1.1711 $
Oil WTI71.97 $/b

Wheat (€/t)
Dec 21245.75-2.00
Mar 22241.75-2.00
May 22240.25-1.75
Sep 22217.25-1.75
Dec 22219.50-2.00
Corn (€/t)
Nov 21216.75-1.25
Jan 22217.50-1.50
Mar 22218.00-1.50
Jun 22220.75-1.25
Aug 22223.00+0.00
Rapeseed (€/t)
Nov 21599.25-1.50
Feb 22583.50-3.25
May 22574.50-4.25
Aug 22490.00-3.00
Nov 22488.75-2.25


Wheat (€/t) : 6762 lots
4Call Dec 21205.00
230Call Dec 21220.00
1000Call Dec 21240.00
2530Call Dec 21250.00
1500Call Dec 21280.00
200Call Mar 22242.00
200Call Mar 22280.00
500Call May 22245.00
500Call May 22280.00
1Put Dec 21210.00
2Put Dec 21216.00
1Put Dec 21218.00
2Put Dec 21221.00
2Put Dec 21225.00
50Put Dec 21230.00
40Put Mar 22230.00
Corn (€/t) : 0 lots
Rapeseed (€/t) : 1186 lots
10Call Nov 21520.00
6Call Nov 21540.00
35Call Nov 21570.00
35Call Nov 21600.00
400Call May 22650.00
200Put Nov 21595.00
100Put Feb 22580.00
400Put May 22525.00

Wheat (¢/b)
Dec 21708.7500-8.5000
Mar 22719.7500-8.7500
May 22722.7500-8.2500
Jul 22703.7500-4.2500
Sep 22706.0000-3.5000
Corn (¢/b)
Dec 21527.2500-5.2500
Mar 22534.2500-3.7500
May 22538.2500-3.5000
Jul 22536.2500-1.7500
Sep 22507.0000-0.7500
Soybean (¢/b)
Nov 211284.0000-20.5000
Jan 221293.0000-20.5000
Mar 221297.2500-20.5000
May 221302.5000-19.0000
Jul 221305.0000-18.5000
Soy meal ($/st)
Oct 21338.5000-2.1000
Dec 21342.2000-2.2000
Jan 22344.4000-1.7000
Mar 22346.7000-0.9000
May 22349.9000-0.9000
Soy oil (¢/lb)
Oct 2156.2900-1.4300
Dec 2156.2600-1.4300
Jan 2256.3600-1.4600
Mar 2256.4300-1.4000
May 2256.4200-1.3700


Physical (€/t)
Durum wheat delivered La Pallice Spot - July 2021 basis400.00+0.00
Wheat delivered Rouen - July 2021 basis251.00-1.00
Corn delivered Bordeaux Spot - July 2021 basis227.00-1.00
Corn FOB Rhin Spot - July 2021 basis232.00-1.00
Feed barley delivered Rouen - July 2021 basis230.00-2.00
Malting barley FOB Creil Spot - July 2021 basis280.00+0.00
Rapessed FOB Moselle Spot - Flat - 2021 harvest599.00+2.00
Standard sunseed delivered St Nazaire Spot - Flat - 2021 harvest550.00+0.00
Feed peas FOB Creil Spot - August 2021 basis305.00+0.00


  • Paris Grain Day 2022
    27-28 Jan
Analysis 20/09/2021

European market

Consolidation of prices on Friday in a market that is attempting to catch its breath. At the beginning of this week, the dollar's rise is focusing the attention of operators. In this context, prices in Chicago are losing ground in pre-opening.

On the international scene, the US has sold another 132,000 t of soybean to China. South Korea bought nearly 82,000 t of milling wheat from Australia and 66,000 t of corn from optional origins.

In corn, the first harvesting works have begun in France, with a good yield. The rainy weather conditions this year were favourable for this water-demanding crop. FranceAgriMer has a crop rating at 89% of good to excellent for this crop. This compares to 59% last year.

Rapeseed has tested the psychological threshold of 600 €/t on Euronext. World S&D balance is very stretched with a clear deficit in Europe and a catastrophic harvest in the world's leading exporter, Canada. In the province of Alberta, 33% of the area is now harvested, according to the provincial government.

Palm oil is losing some ground this Monday morning in Kuala Lumpur.

The dollar is strengthening sharply at 1.1710 against the euro and 72.77 against the rouble. In addition to the inflationary risk linked to soaring energy costs, traders are anticipating a shift in Fed policy at its meeting this week. Oil is consolidating at 71.40 usd/barrel in New York.

Note the surge in fertilizer prices, particularly in the context of higher gas prices needed to manufacture nitrogen.

American market

All commodity prices fell in Chicago on Friday due to corn and soybean harvest pressure. The stronger dollar is also contributing to a loss of export competitiveness.

 Wheat prices are reflecting lower production in Canada and Europe, but optimistic forecasts in Australia are limiting the upside potential.

Corn harvesting is starting in the most advanced areas. The crop rating expected tonight should be unchanged at 58% of good to excellent according analysts.

Funds were net sellers on Friday in 2,500 lots of corn, 5,500 lots of soybean and 2,500 lots of wheat.

Black Sea market

Exports from the Black Sea remain strong despite the export duties imposed by Russia.

In this context, wheat prices continue to rise. In Ukraine, they have tested 300 $/t on a FOB basis for 11.5% protein.

The corn harvest has begun in Ukraine, but rain is expected in the next few days, which could delay the work. Exports to China will be key for the future.

Live news

Diplomatic tensions with Australia and the US