Pre-opening 24/05/2018
Paris Chicago
Wheatunch.- 1 cents
Rapeseed+ 1 €/t
Soybean+ 7 cents
Indexes 23/05/2018
€/$1.1708 $
Oil WTI71.84 $/b

Wheat (€/t)
Sep 18179.25+3.25
Dec 18182.50+2.75
Mar 19184.75+2.50
May 19186.25+2.50
Sep 19183.00+2.25
Corn (€/t)
Jun 18168.50+1.50
Aug 18171.25+1.50
Nov 18173.00+0.75
Jan 19174.50+1.00
Mar 19176.00+1.00
Rapeseed (€/t)
Aug 18359.25+3.25
Nov 18364.50+3.00
Feb 19368.00+3.50
May 19369.75+3.25
Aug 19364.00+2.00
Nitrogen solution (€/t)
Sep 18140.00+0.00
Nov 18145.00+0.00
Mar 19160.00+0.00
Jun 19138.00+0.00
Sep 19147.00+0.00


Wheat (€/t) : 6279 lots
6Call Sep 1816812.47
314Call Sep 1817011.00
6Call Sep 181738.88
1Call Sep 181785.80
27Call Sep 181795.50 - 6.70
29Call Sep 181805.00 - 6.10
3Call Sep 181834.00
112Call Sep 181951.50
45Call Sep 181981.30
1328Call Sep 182001.40 - 1.60
100Call Sep 182050.50
1Call Dec 181799.30
167Call Dec 181808.20 - 9.50
2Call Dec 181819.20
3Call Dec 181828.50
2Call Dec 181945.10
200Call Dec 181954.32
2800Call Dec 182002.80 - 3.50
195Call Dec 182023.00
15Call Dec 182032.40
125Call Mar 191858.97
1Call Mar 191897.41
30Call Mar 192062.40
30Call May 192082.80
12Put Sep 181600.50
45Put Sep 181630.70
12Put Sep 181702.40
45Put Sep 181733.70
15Put Dec 181631.60
45Put Dec 181672.40
15Put Dec 181734.90
45Put Dec 181776.40
208Put Dec 181807.90
12Put Dec 181817.40
30Put Mar 191662.30
30Put Mar 191765.40
13Put Mar 191848.50
30Put May 191682.60
150Put May 191754.32
30Put May 191786.00
Corn (€/t) : 265 lots
60Call Aug 181703.70 - 4.10
2Call Aug 181724.00
60Call Nov 181754.41
20Call Nov 182000.60
100Put Nov 181601.20
20Put Nov 181725.60
3Put Jun 191788.00
Rapeseed (€/t) : 1643 lots
25Call Aug 1834514.80
20Call Aug 1835010.90
770Call Aug 183703.01
150Call Nov 1835016.50
6Call Nov 1835513.50
150Call Nov 183706.50
50Call Nov 183901.50
20Put Aug 183250.20
50Put Aug 183553.88
30Put Aug 183606.70
100Put Nov 18337.51.40
100Put Nov 183401.80
40Put Nov 183503.20 - 3.30
80Put Nov 183606.60 - 6.90
2Put Nov 18362.59.00
50Put Nov 183659.00

Wheat EU (€/t)
Sep 18159.2500-5.0000
Dec 18163.2500-5.0000
Mar 19164.7500-5.0000
May 19164.2500-5.0000
Sep 19164.2500-5.0000
Wheat (¢/b)
Jul 18531.0000+11.7500
Sep 18547.7500+11.0000
Dec 18568.2500+9.7500
Mar 19585.5000+8.2500
May 19594.7500+7.2500
Corn (¢/b)
Jul 18408.5000+2.7500
Sep 18417.2500+2.5000
Dec 18426.5000+2.0000
Mar 19434.2500+1.7500
May 19438.5000+1.7500
Soybean (¢/b)
Jul 181039.2500+6.5000
Aug 181043.2500+6.2500
Sep 181045.0000+6.5000
Nov 181048.7500+6.7500
Jan 191052.0000+6.2500
Soy meal ($/st)
Jul 18380.7000+2.9000
Aug 18380.5000+2.7000
Sep 18379.9000+2.6000
Oct 18378.5000+1.8000
Dec 18377.8000+2.2000
Soy oil (¢/lb)
Jul 1831.7000+0.1600
Aug 1831.8200+0.1600
Sep 1831.9700+0.1500
Oct 1832.1300+0.1500
Dec 1832.4900+0.1500


Physical (€/t)
Durum wheat delivered Port la Nouvelle Spot - July 2018 basis217.00+5.00
Wheat delivered Rouen - July 2018 basis174.50+0.50
Corn delivered Bordeaux Spot - July 2017 basis163.00+0.00
Corn FOB Rhin Spot - July 2017 basis169.00-2.00
Feed barley delivered Rouen - July 2018 basis172.50+1.50
Malting barley FOB Creil Spot - July 2018 basis190.00+0.00
Rapessed FOB Moselle Spot - Flat - 2018 harvest357.00+1.00
Sunseed delivered St Nazaire Spot - Flat - 2017 harvest322.00+0.00
Feed peas FOB Creil Spot - August 2018 basis210.00+15.00
Analysis 24/05/2018

European market

The downturn of the euro vs the dollar remains an essential market element. The situation in Italy is raising concerns of many financial operator’s resulting in a decrease of stock markets yesterday. Displayed at 1.17 against the USD this morning, the decrease is equivalent to a gain in competitiveness of 10 €/t for European origins compared to the recent highs of the euro at 1.24  

The hot and dry climatic conditions in the Black Sea also brings its shares of uncertainties as usual at this time of the year with productions prospects lower than last year mainly in Russia. The situation in Canada also remains under surveillance with a water deficit that is penalizing spring crops.

On the international stage, Saudi Arabia has purchased 140 000 t of corn from optional origins while China bought 1 cargo of American soybean. As expected, China can’t do without US Soybean while trade tensions are fading on this product between the two countries. Algeria has decided to extend its wheat tender judging the price offers too high. The price difference between offers and acceptable prices for the country is around 5 USD/t.

Rapeseed found support on the market due to vegoils while crude oil registered a slight downturn yesterday. Indeed, traders are anticipating a probable increase of the production in the OPEC countries in the weeks to come.

American market

New increase for all products yesterday in Chicago, while this sector is somewhat catching up the delay compared to other non-agricultural commodities.

The weather market is at the center of all attention, with a hydric deficit in the south of the country and rains that are making it difficult to plant corn in the Corn belt. In this context, funds continue to increase their long positions for all products.

Soybean found support with the return of the demand of US origins from China.

Yesterday, funds were net buyers in 13 000 lots of corn, 5 500 lots of soybean and 7 500 lots of wheat.

During pre-opening on this Thursday morning wheat and corn remains globally stable while soybean continues its progression.

Black Sea market

Climatic conditions in the Black Sea are raising questions regarding the production outlook. In Russia, dry conditions are still observed in southern parts and should remain until the beginning of June during the grain filling stage. In the spring wheat production areas such as the Volga, Oural or Siberia, wet and cold conditions are raising concerns in a context where sowings are registering an important delay. In Ukraine, low precipitations are not sufficient to ease concerns, while temperatures are exceeding 25°C. Finally, in Romania, current dry and warm conditions are not favoring a good grain filling stage.

In this context, the European Agritel Tour teams will go on the field between the 4th and 22nd of June in Romania, Russia and Ukraine in order to check all these informations and anticipated price variations. You can follow our estimates live by clicking here.

Live news

The Euro continues its downturn