Pre-opening 22/02/2017
Paris Chicago
Wheatunch+ 1 cent
Cornunch+ 2 cents
Indexes 22/02/2017
€/$1.0513 $
Oil WTI54.06 $/b

Wheat (€/t)
Mar 17172.25+1.25
May 17175.00+1.25
Sep 17173.50+0.50
Dec 17176.00+0.25
Mar 18178.25+0.25
Corn (€/t)
Mar 17173.00+1.25
Jun 17175.00+1.00
Aug 17178.00+0.75
Nov 17173.50+1.00
Jan 18175.00+1.50
Rapeseed (€/t)
May 17416.25-2.25
Aug 17385.00-0.25
Nov 17388.25+0.25
Feb 18390.00+0.00
May 18390.25+0.25
Nitrogen solution (€/t)
Jun 17149.00+0.00
Sep 17152.00+0.00
Nov 17152.00+0.00
Mar 18152.00+0.00
Jun 18152.00+0.00


Wheat (€/t) : 1857 lots
3Call May 171706.60
251Call May 171744.68
150Call May 171754.18
50Call May 171851.40
1Call Sep 171748.00
1Call Dec 171857.00
100Call Dec 171866.16
100Call Dec 171875.86
100Call Dec 171885.57
100Call Dec 171895.34
350Put May 171671.20
50Put May 171702.02
100Put Sep 171623.11
500Put Sep 171706.24
1Put Sep 171748.60
Corn (€/t) : 120 lots
60Call Aug 171902.41
60Put Aug 171775.80
Rapeseed (€/t) : 1754 lots
4Call May 1737046.70 - 47.70
1Call May 17417.57.22
20Call May 174207.10
1Call Aug 1738512.00
20Call Aug 174005.90
150Call Nov 1739013.85
500Call Nov 1740010.10 - 10.40
150Call Nov 174107.48
202Put May 174104.50
5Put Aug 1738511.80 - 12.00
300Put Nov 173706.68
400Put Nov 1738011.30
1Put Nov 1738513.00

Wheat EU (€/t)
Mar 17177.0000+3.7500
May 17183.0000+2.0000
Sep 17172.0000+1.2500
Dec 17174.7500+1.0000
Mar 18177.5000+0.7500
Wheat (¢/b)
Mar 17436.0000+1.2500
May 17449.7500+1.5000
Jul 17464.2500+1.7500
Sep 17479.7500+1.2500
Dec 17497.2500+0.5000
Corn (¢/b)
Mar 17369.2500+0.2500
May 17376.5000+0.2500
Jul 17383.7500+0.0000
Sep 17389.5000+0.0000
Dec 17395.7500+0.0000
Soybean (¢/b)
Mar 171026.2500+2.7500
May 171037.2500+2.5000
Jul 171046.2500+2.2500
Aug 171045.2500+2.2500
Sep 171029.0000+1.0000
Soy meal ($/st)
Mar 17337.4000+0.7000
May 17341.9000+0.5000
Jul 17345.1000+0.6000
Aug 17343.7000+0.1000
Sep 17340.8000+0.8000
Soy oil (¢/lb)
Mar 1732.6700+0.1500
May 1732.9500+0.1600
Jul 1733.2200+0.1700
Aug 1733.3300+0.0700
Sep 1733.4300+0.1200


Physical (€/t)
Durum 2015210.00-5.00
Wheat Delivered Rouen 2016171.00+1.00
Corn Fob Bordeaux 2015170.00+1.00
Corn Fob Rhin 2015171.00+1.00
Feed barley Delivered Rouen 2016145.00+1.00
Malting barley Fob Creil 2016188.00+0.00
Rapessed Fob Moselle - Flat426.00-2.00
Sunseed Delivered St Nazaire - Flat385.00+0.00
Feed peas Fob Creil 2016230.00+0.00
Analysis 22/02/2017

European market

Another subdued session on cereal markets yesterday due to lack of new fundamentals elements.

We can note another wheat tender from Egyptian GASC today for shipments 25 March-4 April. Black Sea origins should once again show competitiveness.

On the wheat contracts 37 000 lots traded on Euronext and 942 on the CME.

On international stage, USA sold 111 200 t of corn and 138 600 t of wheat to unknown destination. On its side, Japan bought 269 296 t of US corn and Jordan bought 100 000 t of milling wheat optional origin.

The euro weakened vs dollar and crude oil rose due to anticipations of possible extension of the OPEC agreement.

Rapeseed prices lost ground yesterday following a weaker palm due to higher Malaysian output after the fall caused by El Nino these last few months.

Soybean remains under pressure of a Brazilian harvest progressing quickly and recording high yields.

American market

Wheat and soybean prices decreased yesterday in Chicago while corn prices maintained their current levels.

Wheat export inspections were on the upper level of traders’ expectations, while they were disappointing for soybean and within anticipations for corn.

Operators are waiting for the forum that will take place between tomorrow and Friday. This meeting should display the first expectations regarding seeding intentions of soybean and corn, before next official USDA report published the 31st of March.

Soybean harvests are continuing at a good pace in Brazil and are showing high yields.

Funds were net sellers yesterday in 8000 lots of Soybean and 4000 lots of wheat.  They were net buyers in 7500 lots of corn to extend a bit more their net long positions.

Black Sea market

Ukrainian Ag Minister said that winter crops conditions in the country were still favorable. Only 5% of winter wheat or barley acreage is considered lost due to either bad germination or frost killing. 82% of crops are seen in good condition. The current situation looks better than last year to date. Also, several snow falls improved the water holding capacity of soils.  

Progressively, the snow cover is melting with higher temperatures. Spring could come early with temperatures forecasted around +10° C on Ukrainian plain in coming days.

Live news

Wheat tender in Egypt