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Пшеница+ 1 to + 2 €+ 15 cents
Кукуруза+ 1 to + 2 €+ 3 cents
Рапс+ 2 to + 3 €
Соя+ 4 cents
Индексы 25/01/2022
€/$1,1268 $
€/UAH32,3187 UAH
€/RUB88,7384 RUB
$/UAH28,6818 UAH

Пшеница (€/t)
Mars 22290,75-6,75
Mai 22287,75-6,75
Sept. 22261,75-4,25
Déc. 22262,25-4,50
Mars 23261,75-4,00
Кукуруза (€/t)
Mars 22257,75-4,50
Juin 22258,50-4,50
Août 22261,50-4,50
Nov. 22232,25-4,75
Mars 23230,00+1,25
Рапс (€/t)
Févr. 22715,25+11,25
Mai 22672,75-0,50
Août 22600,75-0,25
Nov. 22599,00-2,25
Févr. 23595,50+6,00


Пшеница (€/t) : 23733 lots
50Call Mars 22230,00
10Call Mars 22270,00
150Call Mars 22285,00
675Call Mars 22290,00
800Call Mars 22295,00
575Call Mars 22300,00
1400Call Mars 22305,00
500Call Mars 22310,00
400Call Mai 22280,00
91Call Mai 22285,00
1900Call Mai 22295,00
620Call Mai 22300,00
150Call Mai 22330,00
20Call Sept. 22270,00
10Call Sept. 22275,00
20Call Sept. 22280,00
1Call Déc. 22245,00
2285Call Déc. 22260,00
58Call Déc. 22270,00
6250Call Déc. 22290,00
58Call Déc. 22300,00
50Call Mars 23275,00
1000Put Mars 22245,00
400Put Mars 22250,00
400Put Mars 22260,00
100Put Mars 22264,00
80Put Mars 22265,00
457Put Mars 22270,00
75Put Mars 22275,00
700Put Mars 22280,00
100Put Mars 22290,00
100Put Mars 22300,00
300Put Mai 22245,00
40Put Mai 22255,00
800Put Mai 22265,00
40Put Mai 22275,00
450Put Mai 22280,00
43Put Sept. 22230,00
1Put Sept. 22245,00
30Put Sept. 22250,00
100Put Sept. 22260,00
2200Put Déc. 22230,00
1Put Déc. 22238,00
19Put Déc. 22240,00
1Put Déc. 22242,00
70Put Déc. 22250,00
100Put Déc. 22260,00
3Put Mars 23240,00
50Put Mars 23250,00
Кукуруза (€/t) : 98 lots
25Call Nov. 22245,00
18Put Mars 22256,00
3Put Juin 22257,00
25Put Nov. 22210,00
1Put Nov. 22220,00
1Put Nov. 22225,00
25Put Nov. 22227,00
Рапс (€/t) : 629 lots
13Call Mai 22670,00
50Call Mai 22685,00
100Call Mai 22690,00
1Call Mai 22700,00
100Call Mai 22730,00
100Call Mai 22750,00
75Call Août 22600,00
1Call Août 22650,00
1Call Nov. 22650,00
50Put Mai 22630,00
113Put Mai 22650,00
25Put Août 22580,00

Пшеница (¢/b)
Mars 22818,0000-13,0000
Mai 22822,2500-11,7500
Juil. 22807,7500-9,7500
Sept. 22807,0000-9,5000
Déc. 22810,2500-10,2500
Кукуруза (¢/b)
Mars 22620,0000-1,5000
Mai 22618,5000-1,5000
Juil. 22614,2500-1,2500
Sept. 22582,2500-0,7500
Déc. 22569,7500-1,0000
Соя (¢/b)
Mars 221407,2500+5,2500
Mai 221416,0000+5,0000
Juil. 221420,2500+5,0000
Août 221398,0000+5,7500
Sept. 221344,5000-2,5000
Соевый шрот ($/st)
Mars 22392,0000-0,8000
Mai 22391,3000-1,0000
Juil. 22390,3000-0,8000
Août 22385,1000-1,2000
Sept. 22378,6000-1,7000
соевое масло (¢/lb)
Mars 2262,5100+0,5400
Mai 2262,6000+0,5700
Juil. 2262,3300+0,5700
Août 2261,6900+0,5600
Sept. 2261,0400+0,5100


Физ. ($/t)
As part of the Argus/Agritel collaboration you can now find the prices for Wheat prod 11.5% FOB UA, Wheat prod 12.5% FOB UA and Feed Wheat FOB UA in Argus’ new report Argus AgriMarkets.
Пшеница прод. 12.5% FOB RU урожай 2020272,00+1,00
Ячмень фур. FOB UA урожай 2021296,00+1,00
Тех. рапс FOB UA урожай 2021750,00-30,00
Подсолнечное масло FOB UA урожай 20211375,00-10,00
Аналитика 24/01/2022

Европейский рынок

Some profit taking occurred on Euronext last Friday in a context of strong uncertainties amid a tense geopolitical context on the Russia-Ukraine border. In addition, there are still fears about the South American production. It is estimated that only 22% of corn in Argentina has a good to excellent crop rating and 37% is considered poor to very poor.

Global logistics are also in trouble, with supply difficulties for both fertilisers and some crop protection products.

On the international scene, the US sold 132,000 t of soybeans to China and 247,800 t of corn to an undisclosed destination. Iran and South Korea are also reported to have bought 195,000 and 82,000 tonnes of milling wheat respectively. Algeria continues to boycott French wheat origin, which contributes to the decline in French export figures.

In the event of a conflict in the Black Sea basin, gas supplies could be disrupted, as Russia alone contributes 35% of supplies to Europe.

Rapeseed prices are supported by the rise in oil prices and a sustained crushing activity in Canada despite last year's very low production. Palm oil is breaking new records in Malaysia on Monday in Kuala Lumpur.

The dollar remains firm this morning at 1.1320 against the euro and 77.14 against the rouble. Oil recovered to 85.80 usd/barrel in New York.

Американский рынок

Wheat and soybeans fell on Friday in Chicago, mainly due to profit taking by funds. This morning, all commodities are back on the rise amid climatic concerns in South America and fears of a possible conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Logistics remain a key issue, with a lack of transport facilities worldwide. In China, corn prices have recovered on the Dalian Stock Exchange.

The Conab has revised down its estimate of Brazilian first crop corn production to 24.8 Mt from 29.1 Mt estimated last month.

On Friday, corn exports were higher than expected at 1,196,000 tonnes.

Soybean exports sales were above expectations at 1,199,000 tonnes.

Wheat exports were at the top end of expectations at 452,600 tonnes.

On Friday, funds were net sellers in 6,000 lots of soybeans and 5,500 lots of wheat. They were net buyers in 6,500 lots of corn.

Черноморский рынок

Ukraine maintained a strong corn export pace this month, with trading companies focusing on fulfilling their contract commitments for January, despite rising concerns over geopolitical tensions between Russia and Ukraine.
As of January 21 and since the start of the marketing year in July, corn exports totaled 13.7 Mt, up by 2.66 Mt year on year. 
According to the USDA, Ukraine could still export around 19.8 Mt of corn by the end of the season.
Overall wheat exports from Ukraine since the start of the season now stand at 16.57 Mt, up from 12.85 Mt a year earlier following record production this season. Total wheat exports from Ukraine are expected to reach 24.2 Mt this season, according to the USDA's projections.
Overall grain exports from Ukraine since the start of the 2021/22 marketing year have risen to 36.08 Mt, up from 28.26 Mt a year ago.

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