Перед открытием 08.12.2021
Paris Chicago
Пшеницаunchanged at +1 €/t+2 cents
Кукурузаunchanged at +1 €/t-2 cents
Рапсunchanged at -2 €/t
Соя-3 cents
Индексы 08.12.2021
€/$1,1299 $
€/UAH30,7585 UAH
€/RUB83,3019 RUB
$/UAH27,3263 UAH

Пшеница (€/t)
Дек 21279,00-1,25
Мар 22287,00-4,75
Май 22284,25-4,50
Сен 22258,00-2,50
Дек 22257,50-2,00
Кукуруза (€/t)
Янв 22243,75-3,50
Мар 22242,50-2,75
Июн 22245,00-1,75
Авг 22248,25-1,50
Ноя 22224,50-0,50
Рапс (€/t)
Фев 22707,50+11,25
Май 22663,50+5,75
Авг 22557,75+2,50
Ноя 22552,25+1,50
Фев 23548,00+0,50


Пшеница (€/t) : 12853 lots
200Call Мар 22250,00
102Call Мар 22260,00
200Call Мар 22272,00
100Call Мар 22275,00
600Call Мар 22290,00
550Call Мар 22300,00
200Call Мар 22310,00
250Call Мар 22315,00
1000Call Мар 22320,00
500Call Май 22290,00
1550Call Май 22300,00
650Call Май 22310,00
1Call Май 22324,00
20Call Май 22350,00
60Call Сен 22260,00
50Call Сен 22270,00
6Call Май 23300,00
600Put Мар 22228,00
400Put Мар 22230,00
100Put Мар 22235,00
700Put Мар 22240,00
1000Put Мар 22260,00
650Put Мар 22270,00
350Put Мар 22274,00
1900Put Мар 22280,00
350Put Мар 22284,00
150Put Мар 22285,00
500Put Май 22260,00
50Put Май 22270,00
1Put Май 22284,00
50Put Сен 22205,00
7Put Мар 23257,00
6Put Май 23255,00
Кукуруза (€/t) : 0 lots
Рапс (€/t) : 985 lots
50Call Фев 22700,00
50Call Фев 22705,00
122Call Фев 22720,00
200Call Май 22650,00
200Call Май 22700,00
100Put Фев 22680,00
60Put Фев 22687,50
200Put Май 22600,00
1Put Авг 22500,00
1Put Авг 22550,00
1Put Ноя 22550,00

Пшеница (¢/b)
Дек 21799,2500-8,0000
Мар 22808,5000-13,5000
Май 22813,2500-13,5000
Июл 22801,5000-10,5000
Сен 22802,2500-9,2500
Кукуруза (¢/b)
Дек 21586,2500-2,2500
Мар 22586,0000+1,7500
Май 22588,5000+0,5000
Июл 22588,5000+0,5000
Сен 22565,5000+0,0000
Соя (¢/b)
Янв 221250,2500+10,2500
Мар 221258,2500+9,7500
Май 221265,5000+10,0000
Июл 221272,2500+9,7500
Авг 221265,2500+9,7500
Соевый шрот ($/st)
Дек 21358,9000+7,1000
Янв 22349,7000+7,5000
Мар 22349,3000+7,5000
Май 22350,7000+6,6000
Июл 22353,7000+5,8000
соевое масло (¢/lb)
Дек 2157,0400-1,5800
Янв 2257,1000-1,6200
Мар 2257,1100-1,5300
Май 2256,9600-1,3600
Июл 2256,7900-1,2400


Физ. ($/t)
As part of the Argus/Agritel collaboration you can now find the prices for Wheat prod 11.5% FOB UA, Wheat prod 12.5% FOB UA and Feed Wheat FOB UA in Argus’ new report Argus AgriMarkets.
Пшеница прод. 12.5% FOB RU урожай 2020272,00+1,00
Ячмень фур. FOB UA урожай 2021300,00+0,00
Тех. рапс FOB UA урожай 2021750,00+0,00
Подсолнечное масло FOB UA урожай 20211390,00+10,00
Аналитика 08/12/2021

Европейский рынок

Hope is returning to the financial markets as concerns about the danger of the Omicron variant subside. The S&P 500 index on the New York Stock Exchange thus returned to its pre-Thanksgiving level yesterday, while WTI oil clearly rose above the psychological threshold of $70/barrel.

This situation provides support for commodities in general and grains, even if, pending the USDA report to be released this Thursday, December 9, movements remain limited.

With the exception of rapeseed, which once again showed itself yesterday with a strong increase of up to +21 € / t in yesterday's session on the February 2021 maturity of Euronext. With a rebound of +57.75 € / t over the last 5 sessions, rapeseed is back to the doors of 700 € / t which has not been seen since November 17.

In France, the publication of FranceAgriMer's December report will be followed this morning while Agreste released yesterday its first estimates of areas for the next harvest 2022.

The area of soft winter wheat for 2022 is expected to decrease by -0.6% to 4.924 million hectares compared to 4.956 million hectares in 2021

Durum wheat is expected to decrease by -1.8% to 279,000 ha from 284,000 ha in 2021

Winter barley is up by +2.4% to 1.226 million ha from 1.197 million ha in 2021

Американский рынок

The market remained fairly mixed yesterday in Chicago with traders waiting for the USDA report on Thursday night. The consensus of analysts expects little change in U.S. inventories for the month of December. However, weaker than expected export performance could lead to a slight increase in US wheat and soybean stocks. While the good demand for corn, especially for ethanol, could lead to a very slight decrease in US stocks.

The market is also waiting for a better knowledge of crop conditions in South America for the next few weeks.

Funds bought 2,000 lots of corn and 2,000 lots of wheat in Chicago yesterday, while selling 5,500 lots of soybeans.

The U.S. administration ruled yesterday through the EPA for a retroactive downward revision of the biofuel mandates to 17.13 billion gallons for 2020 and 18.52 billion gallons for 2021 due to reduced fuel demand during the Covid-19 pandemic in the U.S. The mandate for 2022 has been increased to 20.77 billion gallons. It should also be noted that the EPA would reject multiple requests for exemptions.

Черноморский рынок

It is in a context of growing concerns that a videoconference was held yesterday between Joe Biden, President of the United States, and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Despite two hours of exchanges, the positions of each do not seem to have evolved.

Vladimir Putin denounced the growing military potential of NATO forces on Russia's borders and asked for legal guarantees that the alliance would not expand eastward. Joe Biden has made no promises or concessions on this subject. The American president also informed his Russian counterpart that Russia would be exposed to strong sanctions, including economic ones, in case of military escalation in Ukraine.

The door remains open to diplomacy, however, as the two leaders have agreed that their advisors will conduct consultations on these "sensitive issues".

Лента новостей

Rapesseed near 700 €/t on Euronext