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A gritel provides expertise in strategies for agricultural and agro-industrial markets. Independent company, there are no conflicts of interest with markets or operators. Agritel offers the tools, knowledge and know-how used in agricultural commodities in term of risk management and hedging to support agro-industrials.

In order to answer at best to customers’ expectations, Agritel’s group has a dedicated team to technological innovation and decision support tools.

Created in 2001 by Michel Portier, Agritel organized its activities around four business lines: training, information, consulting and prospective.

Our competences

Agritel offers its market know-how to all players from all ends of the agricultural and agri-industrial industries, including partners of agriculture. In each scenario, Agritel adapts its advice to the specific aspects of the client's core business and the relevant environment and targets. Our agricultural and agri-industrial market expertise guarantees the relevance of our solutions and our strategic advice.

Understand and know how to use the agricultural raw material markets in order to handle volatility and control margins.
Access the right information to save time in market analysis and make the right decisions.
Identify and measure market risks and benefit from suitable management strategy advice by means of the tools and expertise provided.
Understand market stakes and development prospects for project control and completion.

Our team

The Agritel group is made up of multidisciplinary consultants based in our offices: Paris, Kiev, Shanghai, etc. Besides their expertise and their pragmatism, the consultants are proactive in their enthusiasm, offering a close relationship to their clients.

The interactive and complementary nature of the teams results in a synergistic approach at the client's service.

Research and analysis
At the heart of Agritel's business is a team of consultants supported by its extensive network and its expertise in constructing an objective and recognised market analysis.
New technologies and solutions
In order to support its clients in their price risk management activity, the Agritel group has set up a team devoted to technological innovation and the development of decision aid tools. By offering effective online solutions, AgriNext provides its clients with an answer for all their problems.
Financial engineering
Agritel's expertise in quantitative analysis ensures precise and statistical tracking of market risks. As price volatility makes decision-making complex, stress test tools are available. Management frameworks adapted to each company and each operator profile are in place.

Agritel's international team is in line with the group's strategy: that of becoming the globally recognised expert in European agricultural markets. Its action focuses on two complementary objectives:

  • Precise knowledge of the agricultural markets of targeted areas
  • Extending its network
  • 2020

    Agritel aquisition by Argus Media

    Argus Media, one of the world's leader in the price evaluation and commodities fields, aquires Agritel. Argus Media will benefit from Agritel's expertise and know-how on agricultural commodities in order to complement its existing offer on biofuels and fertilizers.
  • 2019

    Launch of Captain Farmer

    Captain Farmer is the result of a strong will to be closer to farmers and their performance. Facing the recurrent problem of price volatility, and in order to improve the marketing of agricultural products , Agritel chose to innovate and bring technology and expertise at the service of the farmer.
  • 2017

    Launch of the Paris Grain Day

    The Paris Grain Day is an event gathering participants of the international agricultural sector. During two days, world class speakers take the floor for roundtables and plenary sessions, sharing their point of view about the grain market's evolution.
  • 2015

    Start of European Agritel Tour

    Consistent with local proximity and its place in Europe, in 2015, Agritel starts a European wheat crop monitoring. The interest is to provide qualified information to customers all along the season.
  • 2012

    Agritel’s mobile application

    To complete its range of tools, in 2012, Agritel launches its free mobile application available on Iphone and Android. This application allows users to stay constantly connected to markets with a time-deferred access to prices.
  • 2011

    Creation of Agrinext

    In order to support all actors of the agricultural sector in their needs of marketing, Agritel creates Agrinext, a subsidiary proposing tools for decision support. These solutions allow to answer to the needs of risk monitoring and assessment for farmers, collectors and purchasers.
  • 2009

    Opening of Kiev’s office

    With the willing to speed up its development, Agritel decides to create an office in Ukraine to cover Eastern Europe. With this branch, Agritel can improve its expertise of Black Sea area and at the same time develops its activities with regional actors. Study tours are organized with the support of our staff.
  • 2004

    Launch of first Agritel Pro groups

    In 2004, Agritel decides to make its skills available to producers and commercial staff. The company proposes half day backing meetings. These sessions allow members to discuss and exchange with consultants and then improve their management of prices risk.
  • 2001

    Creation of Agritel

    Created in 2001 by Michel Portier, Agritel has for main objective to provide to the farming sector necessary knowledge to manage the risk of agricultural commodities prices. Indeed, the increase in volatility of agricultural markets, implies the use of tools and techniques that Agritel wants to put at sector’s disposal on a simple manner.

Our offices

Paris - France

Paris office is Agritel's headquarters. Located at the heart of business district, Agritel's consultants are close to French agricultural sector and can easily reach Western European actors. Paris office main mission is to gather a maximum of data from the field, added to technical and quantitative fundamental analysis. It is in Paris as well, that all information brought by the offices of Kiev and Shanghai is consolidated.

Kiev - Ukraine

Agritel opened its subsidiary in Ukraine in 2009 to penetrate into the Black Sea region whose weight on agricultural markets is well established. The initial goal of this expansion is two-sided.

The first mission is to consolidate and to analyze the information relating to both the production and local market dynamics in order to provide our customers located in Western Europe with appropriate advices. To do this, the approach was to create a client-partners network, which allows us to maintain a permanent link with the fields. Secondly, while domestic Black Sea market shows more and more increasing correlation with future markets, our local customers benefit from our expertise in our original mission: advices as for establishment of buy/sell strategies for agricultural products.