Перед открытием 25.10.2021
Paris Chicago
Пшеница+ 1 €+ 4 cents
Кукуруза+ 1 €unch
Рапс+ 1 to + 2 €
Соя+ 12 cents
Индексы 25.10.2021
€/$1,1603 $
€/UAH30,5967 UAH
€/RUB81,1067 RUB
$/UAH26,2971 UAH

Пшеница (€/t)
Дек 21280,00+2,00
Мар 22275,00+1,50
Май 22270,75+2,00
Сен 22243,00+1,75
Дек 22242,00+2,25
Кукуруза (€/t)
Ноя 21249,00-1,75
Янв 22243,50-1,00
Мар 22242,75-1,25
Июн 22243,25-0,50
Авг 22244,50-0,25
Рапс (€/t)
Ноя 21674,50+10,50
Фев 22669,75+10,75
Май 22656,25+9,25
Авг 22565,00+6,25
Ноя 22554,25+5,50


Пшеница (€/t) : 13400 lots
200Call Дек 21215,00
200Call Дек 21230,00
300Call Дек 21243,00
200Call Дек 21246,00
14Call Дек 21255,00
500Call Дек 21260,00
500Call Дек 21265,00
501Call Дек 21280,00
1500Call Мар 22270,00
400Call Мар 22275,00
811Call Мар 22280,00
1000Call Мар 22290,00
1200Call Мар 22295,00
100Call Мар 22300,00
700Call Май 22270,00
250Call Май 22280,00
700Call Май 22290,00
700Call Сен 22240,00
1200Call Сен 22260,00
100Call Сен 22265,00
402Put Дек 21245,00
15Put Дек 21250,00
20Put Дек 21280,00
210Put Мар 22250,00
500Put Мар 22252,00
100Put Мар 22253,00
400Put Мар 22255,00
100Put Мар 22268,00
200Put Май 22190,00
100Put Май 22200,00
75Put Май 22210,00
25Put Май 22224,00
25Put Май 22234,00
50Put Май 22250,00
100Put Сен 22235,00
2Put Дек 22240,00
Кукуруза (€/t) : 0 lots
Рапс (€/t) : 381 lots
110Call Фев 22670,00
10Call Фев 22690,00
10Call Фев 22700,00
200Put Фев 22650,00
50Put Фев 22670,00
1Put Ноя 22555,00

Пшеница (¢/b)
Дек 21756,0000+3,2500
Мар 22767,5000+3,5000
Май 22769,7500+4,2500
Июл 22756,5000+4,0000
Сен 22757,2500+4,5000
Кукуруза (¢/b)
Дек 21538,0000-0,7500
Мар 22546,7500-0,7500
Май 22550,7500-0,7500
Июл 22551,0000-0,5000
Сен 22534,7500+0,2500
Соя (¢/b)
Ноя 211220,5000+12,7500
Янв 221230,7500+13,0000
Мар 221239,7500+13,5000
Май 221249,0000+13,2500
Июл 221254,5000+12,0000
Соевый шрот ($/st)
Дек 21327,4000-1,3000
Янв 22325,4000-0,6000
Мар 22325,4000-0,1000
Май 22327,8000+0,5000
Июл 22331,5000+0,4000
соевое масло (¢/lb)
Дек 2162,0900+1,1000
Янв 2261,6200+1,1300
Мар 2260,7700+1,1200
Май 2259,8000+1,1700
Июл 2259,0000+1,1700


Физ. ($/t)
As part of the Argus/Agritel collaboration you can now find the prices for Wheat prod 11.5% FOB UA, Wheat prod 12.5% FOB UA and Feed Wheat FOB UA in Argus’ new report Argus AgriMarkets.
Пшеница прод. 12.5% FOB RU урожай 2020272,00+1,00
Ячмень фур. FOB UA урожай 2021279,00+4,00
Тех. рапс FOB UA урожай 2021750,00+30,00
Подсолнечное масло FOB UA урожай 20211430,00+0,00
Аналитика 25/10/2021

Европейский рынок

On Friday, prices rose again with new highs reached in wheat on Euronext. Thimovement is still caused by tight S&D balances and a strong demand despite the high level of prices.

On the international scene, Tunisia would have bought 50 000 t of milling wheat and 50 000 t of feed barley from optional origins.

According to FranceAgriMer, 32% of the corn area was harvested by 18 October, well below the 75% harvested last year. In wheat, autumn sowings were around 40% completed by 18 October. Winter barley plantings were 59% done, compared to 54% last year to date.

The corn shows a delay in maturity, which explains the delay in harvesting, pushing prices higher on close deliveries.

Palm oil is rebounding this morning in Kuala Lumpur. This, together with the firmness of oil and soybeans, should support rapeseed prices at the start of the week. On Friday, prices lost ground, along with canola.

The dollar is falling slightly this morning to 1.1660 against the euro and 70.30 against the ruble. Oil continues to climb at 84.60 usd/barrel in NY.

Американский рынок

In Chicago, after a clear increase in prices on Friday, firmness remains in place this Monday morning.

Soybean plantings in Brazil are progressing in good conditions.The soybean is finding support from the firmness of veg oils, and therefore crushing margins. Like for the corn, this market is undecided between supplies considered as comfortable, but fears of a reduction in acreage next year, due to the hike in fertilizer costs. Rising ethanol production is also supporting the market.

South American conditions remain normal for the time being, but the risk of a La Nina effect developing in the coming weeks remains to be monitored.

Friday, funds were net buyers in 3,500 lots of corn and 7,500 lots of wheat. They were net sellers in 2,500 lots of soybeans.

Черноморский рынок

While wheat prices continue to rise in the Black Sea basin, corn prices progression is slowing down, notably due to drier weather, allowing harvesting to progress.

Feed barley prices remain firm amid a good export activity. Thus the optional origins of Tunisian buyers could turn to Ukraine.

Лента новостей

Oil continues to rise